No matter what genre you are into or where you are in America, there is always a music festival for you. Many great bands come and play at the live music festivals, and it is a perfect place to get away for a weekend. Most of the live music festivals include delicious food and local craft beer. There are many music festivals in America, and the following are some of them:


SXSW is the music festival which is held in Austin Texas, and it began in the year 1987. Many people attend the festival, and it has also become very influential. The music festival at Austin is one of the most revenue building entertainment event. You will have SXSW music where more than 2000 acts all over the country will be performing, and there are SXSW Films where the anticipated movies and other workshops are screened.

Big Ears:

If you are a person who loves listening to indie-rock, metal, jazz or electronic metal, this is the place you need to go. The music festival is so lively, and the entire crowd lights up by the performances. The festival happens for about four days, and people are so thrilled to go to this music festival.


No one making a list of best music festival would ever miss out Coachella in their list; this year many popular artists like Beyoncé, Eminem, the Weekend, Kygo, Miguel etc. performed at the Coachella. The event happens in the deserts of California, and the line up for this event is so huge. Tickets usually get sold out in hours, and if you are not able to go to the festival, the show is broadcasted live on YouTube, and you can watch it from home.

Shaky beats music festival:

The Shaky beats music festival happens in Atlanta, Georgia and it is one of the best electronic dance music festivals in the USA. Every year people flood the event, and many popular EDM artists like Zedd, Kygo perform at the event. It is a place where you can do and dance all you want to some excellent electronic music.

Hangout Music Festival:

Who wouldn’t love live music on sandy beaches? The Hangout Music Festival is held in Alabama, and various artists such as Foo Fighters, Migos, Mumford and Sons, Chance the Rapper etc. have performed in this event. You are allowed to enjoy music and also have other fun activities like playing volleyball at the beach, playing arcade games etc. There is also excellent food at the event, and you also have a wedding chapel at the festival. The general admission for this event is about $280, and the VIP passes go up to $1000, but you will have the luxury of relaxing in a pool and enjoying the jam at the same time.